Colleague's Comments

Julie is a quiet soul with a warm, compassionate heart. She was a guide, a nurturer, and my number one fan when I faced a number of challenges and had difficulty believing in myself. She embodies the most precious gifts: presence and mindfulness. She illuminated my life through her gentleness, wisdom, and keen sense of what energy I needed for my own evolution. She is like no one I’ve met in my life; anyone will be better for knowing her on the journey of life.

Liz Culbertson


Julie understands and honors spiritual realms. Her love of archetype and ritual have served her well in guiding seekers into the realms of shadow, symbols, dreams. Julie’s cultivation of wholeness and community applying the work of Bill Plotkin, PhD and various art mentors, has been both inspirational and instrumental in my spiral through the mystery of nature and soul.

Barbara Bitondo

Washington, DC

Julie was a guide for me over 20 years ago when she gave me my first appreciation journal and taught me how to see grace in every day simplicity. Since then she has been a trusted friend and confidant whose love for inner beauty and whose confidence in me has allowed me to achieve my best. I recommend her to anyone wishing to dig deep and strive to reach new inner and outer boundaries.

Joshua Sneideman

Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, Washington, D

In working with Julie Clay I found a freedom to approach the intuitive part of my art spirit. As a trained Art Therapist versed in the psychodynamic process I was feeling limited in searching the spiritual within myself. Julie’s work with me in images and metaphors was inspiring and refreshing. I would recommend anyone wanting to go beyond the past and into the present and future to seek her voice of healing.

Renee Smith Somers

MSAT, Nashville, TN

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