Locations & Directions

Effective 11.26.2018: I have moved

Directions to Office

My new office is at 57 S Main Street (across from Billy Jacks) on the fifth floor. Suite 501. Open the door to the suite, be seated in my waiting room, and I will come out for you when it is time for your appointment. Note the restrooms in this building are locked. You will need to get a key from me.

If I am in session it will go to voicemail and I will return your call.

Short term downtown parking is plentiful and turns over frequently. I can almost always find a two hour slot within easy walking distance. There is also a private lot across the street that is almost always empty.

Entering the Building:

The entrance is on S Main Street under the arch. Enter and proceed to the elevator and then to the 5th floor. Exit right and my office is on the left.

If these doors are locked you will need to call me when you arrive so I can let you in. If I am in session, your call will go to voicemail.

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