Reimagining the 12 steps with IFS Language

THE TWELVE STEPS AS WRITTEN FOR IFS (USING IFS LANGUAGE)   We decided (generally after considerable emotional pain) to make changes in our lives and sought out a therapist to assist in those changes. Were introduced to the IFS concepts and began to accept that... read more

Acceptance leads to Change

Excerpt from Pathways to Self by Chris Germer How to show Compassion for your “Self” Physical – Caring for your body/non-harm Mental – Allowing your thoughts Emotional – Accepting your feelings Relational – Connecting authentically... read more

Process trumps product

It’s been a few days since I felt like painting. The large 4′ by 5′ canvas was an intense experience of listening to my process of remembering my ancestors. When that painting got to a resting point, I rested. This morning – still feeling empty... read more

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