Excerpt from Pathways to Self by Chris Germer
How to show Compassion for your “Self”
  • Physical – Caring for your body/non-harm
  • Mental – Allowing your thoughts
  • Emotional – Accepting your feelings
  • Relational – Connecting authentically with others
  • Spiritual- Nurturing your values
Stages of Acceptance
**Aversion – resistance, avoidance, entanglement, rumination
**Curiosity – turning toward discomfort with interest
**Tolerance – safely enduring, when necessary
**Allowing – non-resisting, letting go
**Friendship – embracing, seeing hidden value
I’ve been doing a lot of letting go since my return from my Portland painting intensive.

My wish for this website redesign was something more professional looking and not so DIY – but it is so clumsy to just write a post – that I have been avoiding it.

So here is me – befriending a technology that is supposed to make my life easier.

And here is me – pondering what else I need to move toward and befriend.