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Marina Abramovic

Each time this surfaces in my social media feed – I am inspired again, to spend more time doing things that nourish my well of creativity. My day job feeds my creative fire and my creative fire provides sustenance for my day job.

So often I get caught up in the FOMO – “fear of missing out” on social media – where everyone and everything (see those absolutes creeping in? – that’s a red flag – ¬†yes?) seems to be doing well, or better, or more, or having fun in places that media tells me I need more of.

But when I sit still, and let me mud settle, I know that what I really really really crave is periods of work, periods of creative expression, periods of authentic engagement with family and friends, and long periods of solitude – (soulitude).

What nourishes you? What feeds you so that you are more of who you are?