“Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into the conversation…

I love this quote from the soul poet David Whyte because for me, it captures the essence of a professional therapy relationship.

Hi there – I am Julie Clay, MA, EdS, LPC, and this is a place to learn about my Psychotherapy practice.

I am passionate about creating a safe and trusting environment where clients can experience and explore both the troubling and disconcerting, but also the joyful and sacred aspects of their lives.

My style of therapy is a strengths based approach to counseling that relies on finding inner resources to help us live more satisfying and meaningful lives.

All of us from time to time experience difficulties and challenges that we navigate on our own.

And at times, it is helpful to have a guide – an experienced professional who has not only taken the journey as a client, but has also guided many others through turbulent times.

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About Julie

As a midlife career changer, I bring a rich tapestry of formal training and life experience to our work together. Make a cup of tea, look around this site, see if you feel a resonance with me. I look forward to connecting.


Sometimes my muse wakes me up just before dawn and I write about what is going on with me or thoughts I have about the practice of deep listening, dream tending, sacred circles, or my perennial favorite – how we get stuck and how we change. Interested? Visit my musings.

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Interested in setting up an initial consultation? Contact me online. Note: Existing clients, please use the secure scheduling portal to send email messages.